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Using colour

We often use Pantone® spot colours when printing as these match a universal reference number and are mixed in-house. They can be printed out of CMYK, but a high percentage of them do not reproduce effectively.

4 Colour Process jobs require all spot colours, in all links including the main file itself, to be converted to CMYK before artwork is submitted. Any spot colours that are to be printed as a special colour, in addition to the process colours, must be clearly labelled as a spot colour reference and appear throughout the artwork with the exact spelling on all the linked files to avoid creating more than one version of that particular spot colour. If these details are on your order, and a mistake within your artwork occurs, we can rectify any errors before proceeding.

Many RGB and spot colours do not have a direct CMYK equivalent, but most software applications will automatically choose the closest CMYK colour value. This can sometimes be very different from the spot colour you intended, but is something that everyone should be aware of. If your spot colour is very important, you may wish to consider an extra colour.

If you don’t convert spot colours to process, extra separations can appear, as well as your CMYK printing plates, when we process your job. This can be complicated and time consuming to change, especially for multiple documents, as there can be many inconsistencies within linked files.

You may be able to check potential colour problems by printing your document as ‘separations’ from your desktop printer. See the help guide that came with your printer for more details.

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Published on: 2011-12-14 12:48:06

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