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FIRSTLY - You need to make sure that your artwork is setup correctly as outlined above. Then make sure that all links to your main document are up to date and proceed to collect your whole job into a single folder. Some applications have an easy option to do this, but you may still be required to find fonts and links that may be linked to your linked files aswell. Files that are stored on different hard drives or disks than where you're working have a tendency to be missed by collection features.

It is essential that you supply an up to date hard copy of your final artwork and make a mock-up if necessary before you send your artwork. This enables our studio and printers to check your artwork from the start to finish of your job. Any approved digital proofs must be returned for our use in printing your job.

SECONDLY - We cannot start production of any job until we receive your purchase order or Olympic’s own purchase order which you can download from our downloads page.

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Published on: 2011-12-14 14:22:30

Last updated on: 2011-12-14 14:22:30