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Managing text and fonts

Text with menu styles can revert to their original state, alter your artwork and, in most cases, even reflow your text. Fonts supplied without printer descriptions can revert to courier or become pixelated (jagged) when printed.

Some text effects or ‘Print Styles’ are known to cause problems, so it’s best not to use underline, shadow, strikethrough or any other item from the text effects menu. Also plain, bold and italic styles are not reliable. Try to use the complete font family for different styles if required.

All fonts used within your artwork must be included when you submit your files. Postscript fonts come in two parts – the screen font and the printer font. We need both to process your job, so please make sure that these are collected as other versions of the same font used in our studio may cause your text to reflow differently. True Type fonts only come in one part. QuarkXpress and InDesign both a useful collection for output option which also collects all your other links, but please double check it has collected everything.

When using a vector programme, like Illustrator, it’s okay to convert your text to curves, paths or outlines. This means you don't need to supply the particular font used, unless it’s on another part of your job. But remember, if we spot a spelling mistake or any other error, we need the original file supplied to revert back to in order to amend it.

We do not recommend setting paragraphs of text in a raster application like Photoshop as the text may not be as clear as if it were vector text.

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Published on: 2011-12-14 12:50:17

Last updated on: 2011-12-14 12:50:17