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Artwork Guidelines

We want your job to print how it’s supposed to & want to provide an easy, reliable service for you now & in the future.

Please read our guide and save yourself valuable deadline time and money and if there's anything at all that you don't understand – please contact us.

Olympic has its own full-service, in-house, digital artwork studio for producing even the most complex artwork requirements. For more details, email studio@olympicpress.co.uk.

Of course, many customers prefer to create and supply their own artwork, in which case the following guidelines might prove useful. They will also help ensure we provide you with the best possible service…without unnecessary delay.

First…the basics

A very high percentage of jobs that won't print are from incorrectly prepared files.
Artwork doesn't print how it looks on-screen or on a basic non-Postscript colour proof.
Even top designers, agencies or people who create stunning artwork sometimes send us unprintable files. Even if you are a professional, our requirements may be different to other print companies. So please take a little time to read the following: